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About C24 Limited

We understand how it feels to be down and out of cash. So, we created a simple way to get back up on your feet without delay and actualize opportunities. For short, we give loan without collateral!

Our promise of excellence comes from our drive to provide first-class financial services in an atmosphere of transparency with competitive interest rates and a simplified repayment structure. For now, we only operate within Lagos with plans to expand to various states nationwide anytime soon.

At C24, it goes beyond saying that our customers come first, that’s why we get your loans processed with the speed of light (maybe not that fast, but we come pretty close) to ensure that you keep moving.

Mission And Vision

Our Mission:

To create an avenue for people to actualize opportunities around them, by having access to money when they need it.

Our Vision:

To be the go-to financial services provider in retail loan solutions.

Personal Loan :

Personal Loan is made available to employees whose employers have endorsed their employees’ loan application. This loan typically do not require any security, usually processed very quickly, in some cases the repayment terms are more flexible than Personal Loan.
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Group loan :

C24 Group loan is a customized loan service of offered to client companies’ employees at lower interest rates, reduced documentation and very convenient online real-time application process at anywhere at anytime.
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